Refined Living Gift Guide

Do you have a friend or loved one that is in desperate need of some organisation or an upgrade to their pantry?
I'm sure you've experienced how an organised home can provide such joy and peace of mind. So why not give the gift of organisation this Christmas. We've outlined below a few products that will be remembered for years by whoever is lucky enough to receive your gift.

Our Famous Bundle Packs

Our Bundle Packs are the easiest, stress-free way to give the gift of organisation to your loved ones. Curated to suit any kitchen, these will sure to be a hit come Christmas time!

Bamboo Bundle Set

1. 11 Piece Silicone Utensil Sets

Our 11 piece utensil set is the perfect gift to your loved ones. They are created with the highest grade, heat resistant silicone as to make sure no pans are scratched in the cooking process. This unique cooking set brings a modern but versatile vibe to any kitchen.

11 piece Utensil sets

2. 15 Spice Jar & Bamboo Rack Set - Includes Label Voucher!

Our famous spice jar set is undeniably the most popular item in our range. It comes with a bamboo rack and 15 jars to help your loved ones identify their spices easily. We've even setup a system where you can pre-purchase labels for your loved one, and they can hop back on our website, with a code. To order what labels they want - at NO EXTRA COST! This set is an amazing feature on any kitchen benchtop.

Spice jar set with label voucher

3. Glass trio with bamboo lid & spoons

The perfect gift that doesn't break the bank. This set of 3 bamboo glass jars are a fantastic addition to any kitchen or dining table. Fill with Chilli, Salt & Pepper or even move the set into the bathroom and fill with bath salts, rose petals & lavender.

Bamboo glass jar trio set

4. Glass Food Storage Containers with Bamboo Lids

The perfect gift for anyone you know into meal prep or that lives alone. We have 4 different sizes to cater to both leftovers and work lunches. They are made from durable high boriscillate glass so they can keep your food cold or warm for longer.

Meal Prep Containers

5. Mesh Storage Baskets!

One of our most popular items, and you can see why. These beautiful high quality mesh baskets with bamboo handles are the perfect storage solution for larger spaces like under the kitchen sink, in the linen closet or your wardrobe!

6. 500ml Glass Oil Bottle Trio

This set of 3 clear glass oil bottles is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. They can be used to store one's favourite salad dressing or sit by the stove for all your cooking oils. Don't forget to add on some labels to complete the aesthetic.

7. 1L Re-usable Pump Bottle Trios

The perfect gift for your eco-conscious friend. These beautiful bottles (coupled with our custom labels) lift the aesthetic of any bathroom. Companies like Zero Co sell personal-care products in biodegradable pouches so you can refill these bottles right up!

Amber 1L Pump Bottles